Sunday, October 14

Trip to Vienna!

Last weekend I traveled to Vienna, Austria! My friends and I experienced many amazing things while we were there. There was an awesome market outside of our hostel that sold a variety of different thing from delicious food, to clothes, to antiques and random junk. We decided to stop at a restaurant inside the market and we all experienced some of the best goulash we have ever had. The hostel we stayed at had a free tour Saturday morning and took us to all the main sites in the city. If you are ever going to stay in a hostel in Vienna I highly recommend The Wombat. It is by far the cleanest and most up to date hostel I have been in yet.  Anyway on our free tour we saw many cool sites such as the Parliament, massive cathedrals, an art school that kicked Hitler out, and many others. One of the Cathedrals we went into had a stairway all the way to the top of it so you could have a view of the entire city. It was breathtaking. Climbing to the top of the cathedral also gave you an up close view of all the hand painted artwork on the dome of Cathedral. I have definitely never seen anything like that in the United States. We also went to Schonbrunn Palace. Sadly it was raining the day we went but it still was amazing. The palace was huge and it had magnificent gardens outside surrounding it that went on for as far as the eye could see. 

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