Thursday, September 27

The Night We Called The Police

The night started out like any other night. My friends and I had jut got done eating dinner and began planning the rest of the night. We heard that some exchange students were going to a popular club called Sa Sa Zu, so we decided to join in. We left the dorms at 9:00 and met up with the rest of the exchange group and headed for the tram station. Once we got the club we had a great time and stayed there tell around 3:00A.M. On the way back to the dorms at this time were used to seeing drunk people stumble around, so I wasn't really expecting what happened next. We were on our way to our next tram stop when I saw a man from a distance fall down and I tapped on one of my buddies and said " Did you see that?" He wasn't paying attention and the man got up and walked five feet and fell again. We were all kind of confused a this point because we hadn't seen anyone this drunk on the streets at night on our trip yet. Then he got up one more time and fell once more. By this time we were only a few feet in front of him. We all walked by wondering if he was okay and then I decided to turn around to check on him. Well as I turn around I see the man start dripping blood on the ground. H was really hunched over so i couldn't tell where it was coming from. A girl nearby starts screaming for someone to call the cops. I was the only one with a Czech cell phone around so I dialed them and tossed it to my friend. I gave it to him because on the way to where we were I saw a cop car parked so I thought he would still be there. As I got to the cop car I  noticed he wasn't in there so I tried getting into the building next to it but the doors were locked. All the sudden I hear a door shaking a couple down and the cop was trying to get to me. I hand gestured for him to hurry. He finally found a way out and didn't speak English so I just moved my hands to follow me. When we got there the scene had calmed down a little and a man who spoke Czech and English had arrived at the scene and was telling us what happened. The story the man gave was that someone had jumped him with a knife and cut up the side of his face. After a while of hanging out at the crime scene we decided to call it a night. I hope this will be my last experience with the cops in Prague!

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